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Electron and X-ray computed tomography for 3D-nanocharacterization


Digisens offers complete, reliable and ergonomic solutions to private and public research centres X-Ray tomography.
We also place great emphasis on speed and the ability to process large quantities of data.

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We have successfully implemented and validated unique algorithmic approaches for multi-parallel computing, carried out simultaneously on several computing cards, i.e. multi-GPUs, using between 2 and 8 of those boards on desktop computers and compact supercalculators.
Furthermore, this unrivalled computing power, 90% less expensive than that of a CPU cluster, means that the most complex pre and post image processing is now an accessible option, as is the routine use of iterative algorithms, which are significantly more powerful than traditional analytical methods regarding the 3D reconstruction process.

Our services to end users focus on modernising (upgrading) their nano-tomography, small animal scanning and micro-tomography (biology, geology, material science) X-ray equipment with the DigiXCT software range.

Alternatively, our services designed for equipment manufacturers (OEMs) involve supplying a seamless software solution that simplifies their system design whilst controlling development costs and time-to-market.

Our expertise in mathematics, imaging and information technology make us a reliable and highly efficient partner for large scale projects involving the implementation of computation centres (High Performance Computing: HPC) and large scientific machines - such as various types of synchrotrons - throughout the world.


Launch of DigiXCT 5.0

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