X ray Computed Tomography for industrial applications

Non-destructive testing, measurement and reverse engineering


Whether you use or manufacture industrial tomography systems, Digisens provides a range of software to meet your needs.

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As an end user, you’ll find that Digisens offers retrofitting, updating and modernising (upgrading) at software level, designed to help you get the most out of your hardware configuration.

Manufacturers will benefit from a full software suite that’s perfectly in step with their specifications, simplifying their system design whilst controlling development costs and time-to-market.
Our software skills make us the perfect partners for ambitious projects involving on-line production testing through tomography, as well as innovative work on real-time 3D security scanners. 

So why all of this?
Our aims are simple: to achieve optimum image quality along with unrivalled 3D reconstruction speeds, even when processing extremely large volumes of raw data.


Launch of DigiXCT 5.0

Digisens is proud to announce the launch of the new version of DigiXCT 5.0, 3D-reconstruction software for the X-ray tomography market. This  DigiXCT 5.0 version...

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New fluorescence...

You would like to design or improve your fluorescence pre-clinical imaging system ? Digisens will support you to achieve and even exceed your objectives. DigiFMT is a...

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Digisens has a Youtube channel ! Follow us on Youtube and stay informed of all news from Digisens. Get all information you need thanks to videos (image quality,...

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