Integrators and OEMs

Our aim: to help you differentiate yourself from the competition

Buy or build?
You are an integrator in the area of tomography. You are looking to develop or optimise your systems by working with us to identify the essential differentiators that will ensure your equipment becomes or remains the best on the market.

We share your vision, and our experienced Digisens team is on hand to provide guidance specific to your individual requirements, by offering you the best software solutions.

The heightened complexity of reconstruction software has resulted in a recent trend towards sub-contracting as the preferred choice.
The reality is that maintaining an internal development team can often prove too costly and incompatible with the need for maximum responsiveness in the face of rapidly evolving tomography technology. This ever-growing complexity also makes using freelance developers or non-professional organisations increasingly risky and time-consuming.  

This is why Digisens makes the ideal partner. With our experience, boosted by several years in tomography in various business environments (e.g. medical, research and industry) within a structured team, we are perfectly placed to equip you with a genuine sustainable advantage in software.

We adapt the technological building blocks of our innovative software suites to comply as closely as possible with our partners’ technical specifications and cost and quality requirements (ISO certification pending).
This also constitutes a sure-fire way to significantly reduce the amount of time you spend developing and marketing your products.

We now have many OEM names among our trusted partners.   
Why not join them?


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