Software upgrades

Get the best out of your tomography equipment. Now.


Don’t put off retrofitting, updating or modernising your 3D imaging equipment dedicated to tomography purposes, whether your X-ray scanner or electron microscope. Even if it’s new!
A Digisens upgrade will enhance its performance – in terms of precision, speed and ergonomics – with minimal investment.

Retrofitting tomography reconstruction software is becoming increasingly popular as a means of significantly improving the performance of your tomography equipment, whose hardware component may only ever suffer minimal wear and tear, given the robustness of the various elements. The reality is that it’s generally IT innovations that account for differences in performance between a recent piece of equipment and an older one.

With such a quick and straightforward operation, requiring no intervention in terms of hardware, the validity of your manufacturer’s guarantee covering your tomography equipment will remain unaffected.

In under an hour, by connecting a reconstruction station equipped with one of the Digisens software suites, you’ll be enjoying:
- The ergonomic benefits of automatic drag-and-drop of your machine’s geometric files;
- Ultrafast reconstruction times with multi-GPUs technology;
- Image quality optimisation with unique GPU pre and post processing, iterative algorithms (SART, SIRT, OS-SART), and phase contrast;
- A fully integrated visualisation and export tool designed to deliver the best quality data for detailed analyses. 

With its unique expertise, the Digisens technical team now boasts a five year proven track record optimising the performance of considerable amounts of X-Ray tomography equipment (USA and Europe) and is now embarking on a programme to retrofit numerous electron microscopes for 3D imaging.

The following is a non-exhaustive list of X-Ray scanners that could be improved by a Digisens retrofit: Phoenix  |  Skyscan  |  Viscom  | GE eXplore Locus  |  xTEK  |  North Star Imaging  |  Willick Engineering  |  Procon X-Ray  |  Werth Messtechnik  |  Xradia  |  RayScan  | RX Solutions.
As regards electron microscopes, we fit or retrofit these with our unique alignment, 3D reconstruction and visualisation solution, for the following manufacturers: Jeol  | FEI  | Hitachi.

Don’t be tied down to software maintenance contracts for your tomography equipment!
Let us take the strain, and see the results for yourself!

Why wait any longer for your current equipment to maximise its potential?
See what we can do for you!


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