Digi XCT – CT Data Solution

A complete solution from reconstruction to analysis of CT scan data (Compatibility Windows and Linux).
Digi XCT consists of the following modules:

Digi MES
Visualization & Measurements

Basic module, it provides measurements, multi-window visualization and includes multi 2D/3D rendering of voxel data.
The advantages for the users are real-time representation and interactive clipping combined with 3D measurements (planes, volumes) with sub-voxel precision.

Digi PAT
Porosity analysis

Module for porosities analysis and quantification.
This analysis provides information on the physical characteristics of the materials and the quality of the manufactured parts.
Digi PAT is easy to use due to its user-friendly configuration interface based on a preview of the results with interactive thresholding.

Digi WAT
Wall Thickness analysis

Module for wall thickness analysis.
A user-friendly and integrated module to collect essential information about the thickness of scanned objects. Including color table visualization, point to point measurement in 3D and 2D.
Digi WAT will be available in the 5.8 version.

Digi REF
Alignment (Coordinate Measurement)

Used to define an absolute reference system for repeated reliable measurements. This alignment is intuitive, directly in 3D, using the 3-2-1 method for both plane and cylinder.

Digi PYT
Extension to Python library

Now you can run your python script into Digi XCT environment and take advantage of our superior visualization interface to display your results. More over Digi PYT module opens an endless world of customization for all Digi XCT modules (reconstruction to metrology).

For fast image processing, see Digi SIP

Digi R3D
GPU reconstruction

Reconstruction module integrated in the XCT GUI.
It guarantees high speed (multi-gpu), versatility (CBCT, laminography, parallel beam) and image quality (Metal filter, ring, etc.). This module uses our proprietary SNAP CT reconstruction engine.

Digi ROL
Unroll and Flatten

The module Digi ROL let you unroll and flatten your 3D object.
It is clear that for cylindrical objects multiplanar views shows limitations. For instance pipe welding defaults or cylinder composite structures are impossible to visualize and detect without Dig ROL. Note that with our GUI it is a simple and easy to use module.