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Measure & Inspection Pack

Measure and Inspection Pack is designed for engineers, technicians and researchers wishing to visualize, characterize and compare the numerical data produced by a CT system. For greater peace of mind and efficiency it is a complete pack containing all the measurement and inspection modules possible. Also, to be in phase with your project’s needs, the software is easy to use, powerful and reasonably priced.

*Digi XCT 5 is not certified for medical diagnostic use

The Challenge: Having simple but high-performance and scalable tools for quantification of CT data

Quantification, inspection, analysis, metrology, reconstruction, etc. It is not always easy for the user to find a software application adapted to his CT data processing needs. If we add concept of voxel, pixel, CAD file, mesh and nurbs, it can get confusing and it is easy to spend a fortune on software. At Digisens, “simple” also means being able to use basic PC configurations (laptop or not) and reasonable processing times. “Simple” usually means limited, no upgradability or support on complex topics, we have also looked into this question.

The Solution: Multiple experts under the same roof


We came to the conclusion that, in an increasingly complex world, it is impossible to be an expert on everything. Networking is not only fashionable, it has become a necessity and a continuous source of enrichment. The challenge is to find the right partners and provide the users with a coherent and high-performance software suite. Digisens masters voxels and Hexagon Group has wide expertise in meshes, it is an ideal combination. Other specialist software publishers will soon join our community.


The Advantages: An all-inclusive software solution with controlled cost, powerful even on a laptop computer thanks to the Gpu technology


Using this collaborative ecosystem you have an absolutely comprehensive package for all your measuring and industrial analysis needs. No need to ask yourself if you have the right module or the option you need, everything is included in your pack and at a controlled cost. Nor is there any question about the associated hardware, our programming methods use and optimize the power of the graphics boards. This means you can run your analyses on a light, roaming laptop PC.