Partners Application Software

For specific applications, we rely on a strong ecosystem of world class expert teams.
Digisens guarantees the data integrity for their application software solutions.

Digi FIP
Extension to IPSDK library (Smart Image Processing) – need Digi PYT module

Digisens is optimized for IPSDK, a high performance image processing library. It allows you to use all the power of your PC by increasing the speed of your applications.

Digi PYT allows to highlight all the IPSDK optimized processes.

IPSDK by Reactiv’IP

Digi ROK
Digital Rock Analysis

Digi XCT is compatible with Voxilon*, an expert software developed by Voxaya. That means with Digi ROK you have now access to numerical simulation and analysis tools specially tailored for petrophysical applications. This, with no compromise in term of computation speed and large data set handling.

Voxilon by Voxaya