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Quantification Pack

The Quantification Pack is designed for scientists, engineers and technicians wishing to program or import specific image processing data. The pack is extremely powerful because it connects Digi XCT to the Python programming language and to all this ecosystem’s function libraries and scripts. Digi XCT is not only designed to communicate with Python but also to offer 2D and 3D visualization and manipulation of the results in real time. This significantly improves comfort and productivity when using tomography data. This pack is compatible with all Digisens modules, it is the most high-performance global offer on the market and is the only one capable of handling all your data, from quantification to metrology.

The Challenge: : It is vitally important to be able to access and visualize all image processing libraries


Sometimes, on an upstream project, a specific industrial application needs a high level of flexibility to be able to specify the appropriate filters and functions. This is achieved by data mining of scientific libraries to create your own solution and confront the hypotheses. It is therefore necessary to have the widest possible access to the scientific libraries and the latest developments. It is an indispensable but insufficient condition, the “raw” results from the libraries do not allow interactive 2D or 3D visualization, which severely limits the interest and effectiveness of the method.

The Solution: Having access to the Python scientific community in just a click


The solution to start from a blank page and do it all yourself is no longer a viable option in today’s connected world. Scientific ecosystems not only provide easy-to-use programming languages but in addition, for the less experienced, an almost infinite number of image processing scripts which can be used without any specialist knowledge. Access to Python uncontestably offers all of this: total liberty for experienced programmers and, for the others, an already programmed brick which will meet there needs. Our solution is designed to harness this tentacular data and be able to run and visualize the results in the Digi XCT environment.

The Advantages: The force of a collaborative community combined with the performance of a specialist software application

With Digi PYT you have access to today’s most powerful and simple programming method. And also to an almost unlimited number of programs developed by the world’s largest scientific community. You just have to cut and paste to get them to run. By using the Digi PYT environment, the result of your programming will no longer seem like a series of difficult-to-interpret figures. But like 2D or 3D images which can be manipulated in real time, associated with tables of exploitable data. And if processing time is an issue for your application, Digi PYT is optimized for the IPSDK library which guarantees your processes will run 10 times faster than with the competitors’ solutions.