Digi Science – Solution for Scientific CT Data analysis

Powerful, Open and Inventive.

Digi Science is a particularly powerful 3D CT data analysis imaging software, including communication tools (video and image editor). It is able to handle CT images of almost unlimited size both for display and reconstruction. Its inventive Multi-GPU architecture makes it hard to run it out. Our structure is open to a Python™ environment and to many others scientific libraries.

Digi Science is compatible with Windows and Linux and consists of the following modules:

Digi MES
Visualization & Measurements

Basic module, it provides measurements, multi-window visualization and includes multi 2D/3D rendering of voxel data.
The advantages for the users are real-time representation and interactive clipping combined with 3D measurements (planes, volumes) with sub-voxel precision.

Digi VOX
GigaVoxel Calculation module

Come experiment our technology and see for the first time your data in full scale. Born from an advanced research program, Digi VOX uses hierarchic file organization to allow a real-time visualization and manipulation of 100 GB files (and bigger) on your desktop.

Digi PYT
Extension to Python library

Now you can run your python script into Digi XCT environment and take advantage of our superior visualization interface to display your results. More over Digi PYT module opens an endless world of customization for all our Science solutions (reconstruction to metrology).

Digi R3D
GPU reconstruction (optional, on demand)

Reconstruction module integrated in the XCT GUI.
It guarantees high speed (multi-gpu), versatility (CBCT, laminography, parallel beam) and image quality (Metal filter, ring, etc.). This module uses our proprietary SNAP CT reconstruction engine.