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Are robots the way forward for CT scans? Robots against the rest of the (CT) world X-ray tomography is still perceived as a technology with a very restricted geometry, in both medical circles and the industrial sector. In medical use, the patient is lying down […]

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Is it worth to upgrade your 2D system to CT? Why a 3D representation? Such is change. Just like in the medical field, industry and science are turning more and more towards 3D imaging for X-ray applications. There is an undeniable advantage for “removal of […]

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Is perceived quality applicable for software? Beyond performance, what about quality? Software is becoming increasing important in our lives, both at home and at work. It is a vital tool which accompanies us. But, unlike most of our tools, the concept of perceived quality does […]

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Can a metrologist trust CT data? This is a question often asked at trade shows, after the always impressive moment of the live demonstration of the operation of a CT. A demonstration which begins with the ritual door closing. The massive shielded door closes delicately […]

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When should I use iterative algorithms ? The calculation power of the GPU Nvidia is the most famous graphics board manufacturer. Ten years ago, they had the excellent idea of opening up the architecture of its graphic boards to more than just visualization. This formidable parallel […]