Digisens is committed to the quality and reactivity of its services

Our production quality is guaranteed by strict development and test processes (agile method, unit test). We apply this same policy to the reactivity of our monitoring and customer support.


The integration of our XCT software suite and associated packs is problem-free on recent PC configurations. Please find details of the minimum configuration required in the following link. When you receive your license, you are allocated a customer number which gives you access to the on-line support chat which will provide you with real-time support and assistance.

For the Snap CT OEM version and 2D to 3D upgrade version. A file transfer will sometimes be necessary to allow us to check the compatibility. In this case, we normally make the necessary changes within eight days. This will allow you to continue your evaluation.


Digisens is an approved training organization listed on the national register. Our specialist-instructors are highly experienced and authorized to give training on the theoretical aspects of tomography and also on your specific activities. Our training is adapted to your needs and our expertise makes all the difference. Whether it is a problem of geometry: the part exceeds the field. Is it possible to increase the working area of my detector?
or whether it is a measurement problem: Which method will guarantee the required precision? Our expert-trainers will provide you with the right solution.

Our training sessions take place on your premises or via Web sessions.


The support is provided during the software’s year of warranty. You can use the chat and e-mails to describe your problem. We will acknowledge receipt the same day and give you an availability date for the change.

To cover the period after the year of warranty, you will be proposed a maintenance contract. It contains options to meet your needs.

Our software is continuously being developed, there are between 3 and 4 updates each year. These updates are free of charge during your software product’s year of warranty. Depending on the chosen maintenance plan, you will also receive these updates.