3D Tomography Software Solutions

At Digisens we conceive and develop Voxel Software. Our unique expertise on GPU Calculation gives us a different approach that fits our customer’s needs.

Discover our new products : Digi Inspect and Digi Science.

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Our Industry software solution is designed to visualize, measure and compare the numerical data produced by a CT system. Therefore, it allows our clients to inspect and communicate fluently and fast in a full range from porosity analysis to wall-thickness quantification. Our goal of productivity pushed us to be in line with the new project-maker’s needs. Easy to use, fast and efficient.

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Our Science software solution was created with the scientific world’s problematic in mind. Process CT images with powerful tools. Digi Science uses the Python ecosystem and offers a unique high-resolution real-time visualization. For instance, you can now process full resolution data (up to 100 GB) without resampling.


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Metrology CT Solution

Metrology CT Software Solution is made both for metrology services and quality control for the manufacturing industry. So, we combined the Hexagon (Quindos and Meteor) and Digisens software applications in a single interface, measures with maximum precision the native data from a CT. Our software solution is universal (it accepts data from all CT) and linked to your references by CMM emulation.

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2D to 3D X-Ray

We bring a turn key solution for a budget price to upgrade you X-Ray room or cabinet to a powerful CT device. With more of ten years of experience in retrofitting X-Ray systems, we will be at your side to enter the world of high tech CT.

Engineering & Services

CT Software Consulting & Engineering

This is Digisens’ traditional activity, our sense of innovation and our relevance have won several national and European awards. We accompany manufacturers in designing and dimensioning 3D systems and software solutions. After the design stage, our offer covers the supply of the software solution, from reconstruction to quantification, according to the customer’s requirements.


Digisens is committed to the quality and reactivity of its services. Our production quality is guaranteed by strict development and test processes (agile method, unit test). We apply this same policy to the reactivity of our monitoring and customer support.

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