Robot CT Offering

Our strong expertise on CT software to power Robot CT installations allows us to propose validated offers for industry 4.0 inline, online or offline inspections.

Our mission is to support you from the first feasibility steps up to the deployment of your 3D NDT robotic cell.

Our goal is to offer a simple to operate, fully automated, NDT robot CT cell.

The Challenge

Robot CT designs to answer all inline questions

With classical industrial CT systems, it is nearly impossible to address all or parts of those problems:

  • To scan large part
  • To reach inline high speed throughputs
  • To be flexible to inline manufacturing constant evolution
  • To be reliable in harsh environment
Design of the robot CT
robot CT process
Our process for a turn key solution

Our offer

For the first time, in the domain of 3D X-Ray NDT, our offer meets all the criterion of the industry 4.0.

Are you eligible to inspect your production with a Robot CT cell?

Get your answer in 10 days with our Feasibility Study


Identify / Characterize / Quantify your needs to see if your production is eligible for Robot CT inspection.


Numerical simulation of data and defaults.

Screening of detection strategy and trajectories.


Report of detection and key information for the implementation of your NDT X ray robot solution.

Note: Digisens is accredited by the French government as a research organization, so thus studies are eligible to French taxes exemption (CIR).


Not only smart but also cost effective

Robot CT is commonly doing the job of 6 CT conventional cabinets.
Operating costs for robots, because they are rugged, are a fraction of those for CT conventional cabinets.

6 CT cabinets for 1 Robot CT
all integrated software solution for the robot CT


Under control and risk free

Digisens brings an all integrated 3D NDT software solution. All developments are made in house. It is a clear advantage to match the inline speed process for default detection rules. And to bring the technical assistance you need all along your system life.

Only a small consortium is needed by adding a robotic integrator.

An industrial robot integrator of your choice (or recommended by Digisens) will be associated in the early stage of the project. No exotic hardware (robots, computers) is needed and work packages are clearly identified for an efficient and seamless execution.

Design is based on simulation tools to insure a risk free step by step and affordable approach for your Robot CT solution.

Our Robotic partners:

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