Metrology CT Pack

Metrology CT pack is designed both for metrology service providers and quality managers in the manufacturing industry. This Pack, which combines the Hexagon (Quindos* and Meteor) and XCT software applications in a single interface, measures with maximum precision the native data from a CT. Our solution is universal (accepts data from all CT) and linked to your references by CMM emulation.

*Quindos is a reference software in the metrologic world

The Challenge: Measuring rapidly and accurately with a CT


Over the last 10 years, CT has become a tool of choice for non-destructive testing and reverse engineering. But for metrology, with a CT, it is difficult to achieve the precisions of a 3D measuring system. The disadvantages of a 3D measuring system are known, the set-up and measuring times are long and certain measurements are impossible. The CT does not have these disadvantages. It is for this reason, with Hexagon technology, we have studied the ways to improve the data from a CT and make this data compatible with precision measurements.


The Solution: Coupling Quindos with pure voxel


Based on the premise that the shorter the distance between data and measurement, the higher the precision. The second line of study looked at how to link the CT measurements to the metrologist’s reference system. For this reason Quindos was quickly seen to be the best choice, the application is capable of emulating a virtual 3D representation of scanned objects to guarantee this 3D/CT comparison which is vital for metrologists. Our second challenge was not to alter the data and to provide a solution to allow Quindos to run exclusively in native voxel (pure voxel) and we added the most highly advanced contact detection algorithms for maximum precision.

The Advantages: Increased precision, productivity gain and an easy-to-use solution

Where measurements are concerned, approximation is not acceptable in industry. But time is short. That is why, due to its fast acquisition, the CT cannot be ignored. But only if all the precision guarantees are present. This is what we offer with our Metrology CT Pack, an integrated solution combining ergonomics, ease of use and ultrafast processing times. Whatever the data produced by your CT, you have the guarantee that this data will not be altered. Quindos will use it in its native format, which ensures precision, you not only get the highest-integrity data on the market but also the most sophisticated algorithm for measuring this data, and finally, thanks to Quindos’ virtual 3D emulation capability, you are assured to always have data comparable with your reference system. Link to demo video.

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