CT Reconstruction  Pack

The Reconstruction Pack is designed both for end users who want a turnkey solution to improve their CT’s performance (our pack is compatible with all machines on the market) and for integrators not wishing to develop the reconstruction themselves. Our Reconstruction Pack is universal, it adapts to medical, industrial (inline or not) and other projects.

The Challenge: People think reconstruction is simple… but that is just the beginning of their frustration


This is because when they think of reconstruction they often say they are going to code the program themselves. In simple cases it is relatively easy to construct a good prototype without taking speed or the performance of the different image filters and corrections into account. Similarly, when they have a CT, they see the hardware developments (new detectors and sources). But they do not understand the scarcity or even the almost total lack of new reconstruction versions proposed by the CT manufacturer. Whether you are an end user or integrator, the problem is the same, you are frustrated by the slowness and image quality of your reconstructions.

People think reconstruction is simple... but that is just the beginning of their frustration
Upgrade or outsource your reconstruction software

The Solution: Upgrade or outsource your reconstruction software


X-ray tomography reconstruction is a vast field. It requires highly specialized mathematical skills for signal processing, optimization, parallelization on graphics board (GPU) and programming. But also a team with years of experience to be able to understand and meet your needs. This experience and expertise is rare, that is why, for reconstruction, there is often disappointment with the products proposed, or with the results of in-house developments.

The Advantages: Optimum performances ensuring the profitability of your investments

Whatever your customer profile, you will get the maximum benefits by entrusting your reconstruction to Digisens. As a CT user, by upgrading your system’s reconstruction you will have an easy-to-install solution which will transcend your current performances in terms of speed and image quality. If you are an integrator or a manufacturer, our Reconstruction Pack combined with our extensive project management experience will perfectly optimize your specifications. In addition, as an expert and professional in the field, working with Digisens is your guarantee of product follow-up with numerous developments.

Optimum performances ensuring the profitability of your investments