3D Electron Tomography Software

3D Electron Tomography Software

Software solution optimised for electron tomography

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DigiECT is the very latest software solution from Digisens, simplifying alignment, 3D reconstruction, visualisation and exporting.

It is fully optimised for mono- and multi-GPU computing, specially designed to handle your most demanding requirements regarding 3D nano-characterisation in Biology and Materials Sciences.

Using your raw image series, DigiECT aims to provide you with the highest quality exported data (numerous formats available) for detailed analyses, with advanced software such as Avizo, Chimera, ImageJ and/or Amira in non-proprietary formats.

Make sure you’re getting the best out of your microscopy equipment now!

DigiREG : Marker-less alignment procedure fully optimised for GPU computation
- Automated tilt-series alignment procedure without fiducials (more than a basic cross-correlation step)
- Precise and automatic 3D determination of tilt axis location for improved corrections in x, y and z
- Sub-pixel accuracy computation process: get rid of approximations and roundings
- Supported import formats: MRC, DM3 and numerous image formats (RAW, TIFF, BMP, JPG…)

DigiIRT: Ultrafast and robust 3D reconstruction module
- Fully optimised and validated for mono- and multi-GPUs computation
- Successful implementation of iterative algorithms: SART, SIRT, OS-SART

DigiOBS: Visualisation and export of the highest quality of data for further analyses
- Latest innovations for cutting-edge volume and/or isosurface rendering
- 3D visualisation of the volume, extraction and export of high-resolution 2D slices
- Universal data export formats (slices, stacks) in MRC, RAW, TIFF, JPG…

Support, maintenance and appropriate training provided

Quick and easy alignment of your raw tilt-series
- Align your tilt-series in minutes rather than hours with our specific automated procedure
- Preserve your sample’s integrity since no fiducial markers are needed for highest quality results (our algorithm is more than a basic cross-correlation step)

Multi-GPUs computing
- Increase considerably your productivity and be the first to get the best results
- Resolve several dozens or even hundreds of gigabytes of data at I/O in reasonnable times (more than 100x faster than CPU computing)

Iterative algorithms, optimised GPU pre and postprocessing
- Get a superior image quality with less artifacts, even with low constrast and/or low S/N ratio images, even with undersampled datasets
- Reduce the electron beam dose endured by your specimen to protect it better

3D visualisation and data export

- Visualise your reconstructed volume either in 3D or in 2D (high-resolution slices) and export rapidly the highest quality of data in universal file formats for further investigations with expert software

GPU compatibility
- Nvidia Tesla and/or Quadro FX series (recommended), also Nvidia GeForce range (under conditions)
- From one GPU board up to 8 mounted in a single PC box, given the number of PCI Express slots available
- GPU cluster configuration possible (High Performance Computing)

Supported operating systems
- Microsoft Windows (32 or 64 bits)
- Unix/Linux for supercomputers

Mono-license and multi-license packages depending on your needs